About me


I graduated in Biology and hold a PhD in neuroscience. My special fields were the visual and motor systems. In my last scientific years, I focused on neurotechnological applications. 


Over several decades, I have worked as scientist and science manager at research institutions in Germany and abroad. Fostering the next scientific generation was always important to me. I have conceptualized and coordinated a number of study programs at the doctoral and postdoctoral level. Over the years, I published quite a bit (besides in neuroscience also concerning philosophical topics) and held nurmerous international talks on scientific and other topics. Up until today I serve as scientific referee.


In a neurotech startup, I have gathered experience with a broad range of functions in an enterprise - from scientific and product management through sales and business development up until marketing and communication.


In parallel to my employment, I have gathered training and experience in consulting and coaching (Life Work Planning; Career Consultant Academy by Martin Wehrle; Creative Problem Solving), and have built up my own business as self-employed consultant. Since a few years, I am fully self-employed (and love it!).


More details on my professional CV can be found on Xing, LinkedIn, ResearchGate and AcademiaNet.


What distinguishes me as a consultant?


Sustainable approach
My ambition is beyond small short-term successes (e.g., obtaining a single grant or fast employment). I rather focus developing sustainable strategies that take the whole individual or company into account and thus can support longterm effects.

Expert knowledge
I contribute sound knowledge and several decades of professional experience, concerning both scientific matters as well as practical experiences with science and development as well as career paths and funding possibilities. 


Personal engagement

Every client is personally important to me. My goal is to work in longterm confidential partnerships on eye level. That's why I work only with a limited number of selected clients.


Transparent and open communication

As a fan of the israeli type of comunication culture, I don't beat around the bush. In a nutshell, with me, there is no bullshit.



Trust, fairness, justice, appreciation and truthfulness are especially important to me and my clients.



I feel I have been able to really make a tangible difference for my clients. Over the years, I could help raise many million Euros, and could witness amazing career and personal developments in my clients (see my references and testimonials).





My repertoire of methods and tools comes from a number of  backgrounds that generally have a scientific basis and have been investigated empirically:



  • Cognitive Neuroscience

  • Positive Psychology

  • Behavioral Economics

  • Systems Theorie and Construktivist Philosophy

  • Life Work Planning

  • Design Thinking and Entrepreneurial Bricolage

  • Creative work with images, objects, games and situations

  • Creative Problem Solving


Last but not least, one overarching aspect that is particularly important to me:


Working with me is meant to be fun!

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