Here is an overview over my current offers concerning work and career issues.

For Groups

Career Maker

Blended Learning Course



How to develop a career vision and to pursue it.


Target Group:

Advanced PhD students and Postdocs.

The whY of my career



Topic: Personal motivation factors and values.


Target Group: People who would like to use their personal values for making better job decisions.


Am I a founder?

And: What is my role in a founding team?



Topic: Reflecting on possibly founding a company and your own role in it. 


Target Group: Academics with a business idea.


Value Café



Topic: Values in personal and professional life


Target Group: People who would like to discuss value systems at work and in businesses and organizations.

For Individuals


Individual Career Coaching


Possible topics: Professional reorientation, job decisions, finding a new job, ...


Target Group:

Academics that would like to tackle their professional challenges in an individualized and fun way.


Happiness Booster

Interactive Online Course


Topic: Positive Psychology


Target Group:

People who would like to improve their general levels of happiness and life satisfaction.

And more...



In addition, I give talks (most of them in German, though, see here) and write (for German articles, see here) on issues that keep me busy.


Do you have an issue that you don't find in the list above?

Tell me about it and let's find out together how I can help you with it.


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